Training Center

Since its creation, Vigipharm has been developing its training courses to meet its clients’ needs.

Experienced instructors. Our tutors are health vigilance professionals with experience in communication techniques.

High-performance equipment. Our new facilities include a large room equipped with a giant screen, which can seat up to 25 participants.

DPC training establishment. We are registered as a training center, and certified by OGDPC, managing organization for DPC (Développement Professionnel Continu, or Continuing professional development in English) instructors. Our training courses fall within the regulatory framework, whereby every health professional must follow a DPC program.

E-learning. Alongside on-site training, Vigipharm has developed a program of interactive educational modules with Callimedia, e-learning solutions specialists.

Health Vigilance encounters. Vigipharm and Evelyne Pierron organize biennial conferences, enabling different participants from the industry (institutional clients, users, manufacturers, health professionals) to share their respective experiences.


Registered under number 91 34 07911 34 - this registration is not acceptable to the State