About us

Vigipharm is a health vigilance company, providing services to all manufacturers of health products.

The team. In 2016, the team was made up of about thirty employees who are pluridisciplinary: doctors, pharmacists trained in pharmacovigilance, toxicologists, cosmetologists, data entry operators, and translators.

Persons in charge.

Location. Situated in Montpellier, in a new building of 850 m², Vigipharm works with businesses based throughout Europe. …Read more…

ISO certification. Vigipharm was the first business in the field to obtain AFAQ ISO 9001 certification in 2012, which was renewed with the new certification requirements in 2015. …Read more…

Societal responsibility. Vigipharm is aware of the fact that employees work well when working in good conditions, and so, the company has spacious premises, a break room, with an outdoor area, a gym, as well as an extra day of paid holiday on 29th February.