Partial management and one-off assignments

You have an in-house health vigilance service. You would like Vigipharm to manage some of these obligations, you need one-off help with a specific task, you need us to cover somebody’s absence or overcome an extra workload…

Vigipharm can provide occasional or regular assistance with the following tasks:

• Bibliographic intelligence. Weekly review of the following databases: Embase, Medline, Reactions.

• Answering telephone calls. Calls can be re-routed to Vigipharm (if the company is closed, holidays etc.).

• Recording Adverse Events. We manage your pharmacovigilance cases for as long as you need.

• Providing medical expertise. Our physicians and pharmacists evaluate pharmaco-vigilance cases and causality.

• Writing procedures. We draw up procedures on vigilance processes.

• Writing expert reports. We reply to requests made by the authorities on your behalf, and we carry out security reports (PSUR, PSUSA, Addendum to Clinical overview, DSUR, and DMI).