Medical information

A 24/7 service.  We answer questions regarding medical information from the general public and health care professionals about your health products (medicinal products, cosmetics, food supplements, and medical devices).

A legal obligation. Your medical information service, which is obligatory for any company in the health sector, can be managed by our team of specialists, who are dedicated to this task.

Methods of contact. Phone calls, fax messages, letters or emails received about anything: vigilance cases (pharmacovigilance, materiovigilance, nutrivigilance, cosmetovigilance etc.), bibliographical questions, questions about conditions of use, errors or misuse, drug error, quality-related complaints, etc.

Management of calls. The uninterrupted service is ensured outside of opening hours by a responsive on-call representative, offering a service of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reporting. Each question answered is transferred to you by email. You will be sent a monthly email to track the questions that we have dealt with.

Quality Guarantee. We carry out a Quality check on the overall service (identification of vigilance cases, delays and coherence of answers). We send a monthly report to your quality department.