Anticipating regulatory constraints to achieve excellence. Instead of struggling to keep up with changes in legislation, it is better to be one step ahead and optimize your services so as to effectively manage any potential crisis.

The complexity of European regulations should not deter newcomers. With the help of renowned professional health vigilance experts like Vigipharm, they will be informed of all changes in constantly evolving legislation.

Building a high-quality health vigilance service… the best strategy is to stay ahead of changes in legislation, which may be easily foreseeable by careful observers in the health sector. Furthermore, making your pharmacovigilance department meet international and national requirements can be painless, without the need for sudden reorganization or management crises. But you will need an effective quality policy within the company, and again, an expert like Vigipharm, who has an ISO 9001 Quality certification, can help you make the necessary changes.

… for the benefit of all. Increasingly stringent regulations should not be regarded as an obstacle, but rather a springboard towards improvements in the quality and safety of medicinal products for the benefit of users. These are safeguards to protect laboratories from public health scares, which, though never completely avoidable, will become easier to manage. Careful attention to health safety is part of the culture of excellence that applies from the manufacturing process through to marketing of medicinal and beauty products.